Holistic Veterinary Centre - Reiki, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Crystal Healing, Chinese and Western herbs, Nutrition

The Centre is situated at my Home at Babbinswood Farm where I live and work with my family and staff in a friendly and caring environment set amongst the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Take a tour around Our website and contact us for further information. We would be delighted to meet you and your pet and help you to adopt an holistic approach to your pets future health and happiness


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Digital Xray MachineAt times we need to take x-rays to find out what is happening inside your pet. We have an excellent x-ray facility and automatic processing so that we get good quality results in a short time. In general this will involve admitting your pet for sedation or anaesthesia so that we can get the best possible pictures. It can be worrying or uncomfortable for animals to be asked to lie in peculiar positions underneath a strange machine when they are awake. By law, and for the sake of our long-term health, we have to protect ourselves from excessive doses of radiation so we are limited in the amount of physical restraint we can give. In some circumstances it is possible for you to bring your pet in and wait for them to be sedated and radiographed then take them home when they have recovered.

Our high power x-ray machine now produces even better results since we made a large investment in a digital x-ray processor in 2008. Our old automatic processor had come to the end of its useful life and we had to choose between just replacing the old model or moving right up to date. We now wonder how we ever coped without it as we get brilliant images that can be adjusted and enlarged so we can see any problems in the greatest of detail. The results are on the screen in seconds, rather waiting for x-ray plates to dry. This means the patient is under anaesthetic for a shorter time. If we need specialist advice in difficult or unusual conditions we can email them off to expert veterinary surgeons for rapid advice.