Holistic Veterinary Centre - Reiki, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Crystal Healing, Chinese and Western herbs, Nutrition

The Centre is situated at my Home at Babbinswood Farm where I live and work with my family and staff in a friendly and caring environment set amongst the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Take a tour around Our website and contact us for further information. We would be delighted to meet you and your pet and help you to adopt an holistic approach to your pets future health and happiness

Nurse Clinics and Behaviour

  • Obesity Clinics
  • Dental checkups
  • Nurse consultations
  • Behaviour

Nurse clinics

Puppy and Kitten care

Assess, recommend and reassess to ensure safe, optimum growth. Puppy parties with qualified veterinary nurse and dog trainer/behaviourist. Monthly free nurse checks to monitor weight / growth, which is also good socialisation, and gives the pet a stress-free and pain-free visit to the practice.

Weight control programmes

Dylan - one of our star weight loss patientsOwners find it very easy to overlook all the little extras that, during the course of a day, may constitute a major part of their pets diet. This effect is magnified if the patient is a small breed. It is undoubtedly easier to cut out titbits than to cut the meal size when no extras are being given, both psychologically and physically. It is important to involve all members of the household, if possible. All too often, the person responsible for feeding extras is the one who does not come to the veterinary practice. Diabetes, joint problems and associated arthritis, exercise intolerance and heart conditions are all related problems to being overweight. Each pet is body scored, and a target weight is calculated. The daily food allowance is worked out and a weight chart started. The pet is re-weighed every 2-4 weeks until the target weight is reached.

Dental care

Dental checks are free of charge to all post operative patients. Also we advise our clients on preventative dental care, including a demonstration on how to correctly brush your pets’ teeth, and the management of dental disease. Dental diets, plaque off products which reduce bad breath and gum disease and chews are all discussed.

Rabbit care

Rabbits are 3 most popular pet in the U.K, with 65 recognised breeds and more than a million kept as pets either in or out of the home, but they are also one of the most common animals offered for rehoming each year. They are more complex than people realise and don’t always make the best pets for families. Three key areas that can help to create a happy bunny – companionship, good nutrition and space.

Wound management/dressing changes

Some cases require intensive wound management from every 3-5 days depending on the injury. Our qualified nursing staff monitors and re-bandages as required.

Blood pressure monitoring

Blood pressure is a volatile force essential to the maintenance of life, yet subject to regulated excursion in health and morbid deviation in disease. Hypertension is commonly found as symptom of many major diseases and the possibility of monitoring blood pressure can often be of paramount importance for the successful treatment of these diseases.

Care of the ageing pet

Pets age faster than people but ageing itself is not a disease but a normal and complex process resulting in progressive reduction of an individual’s ability to maintain homeostasis under internal physiological and external stresses.

Parasite control

Worming, flea and tick control


General post operative checks and removal of stitches are performed regularly.            



Puppy Behavioural Classes - Karen Boyce.... Pets Behaving Badly



In association with Karen Boyce we offer advice on behaviour and training of dogs from puppyhood onwards. Early socialisation is important and we hold regular puppy parties, which are open to all our new young patients. Following on form this Karen runs weekly classes for dogs at all stages. Training is based on reward rather than punishment and we believe it should be fun for pets as well as owners. If you come up against particular challenges with your pet please ask one of our staff – we have plenty of information that you can take away and study. Needless to say, it is best to nip problems in the bud before they become entrenched in your pets’ behavioural patterns – it may take a lot of patience to reverse longstanding habits, if it is possible at all.


Cats also can develop habits that don't always fit into our view of a perfect world! We also have information that may help you to understand and (maybe?) modify the behaviour of our more independent friends.
If necessary we can also refer you to vets who are specially trained in animal behaviour.