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Like other holistic therapies, homeopathy is based on the premise that the body is a system of energy in this case called the “vital force”. It is this vital force that gives the body life and if it is knocked out of balance by anything, be it a physical trauma or a mental or emotional shock to the system, the body responds and produces symptoms. These may be seen as the body’s attempt to heal itself and as such are not something that should be suppressed. That is rather like slaying the messenger of bad news; it doesn’t actually alter the facts of the message!

The word homeopathy comes from the Greek “homeo”, meaning “like” and “pathos”, “disease” and this indicates the way that we use the medicine, by treating like with like. This is done by looking for a plant, mineral or other which is known to cause a pattern of disease symptoms and administering that to a patient when we see a similar pattern of disease. So instead of suppressing symptoms we are looking at what the body is trying to do heal itself and giving it an extra push in the same direction; working with nature rather than against it.

Homeopathy is a subtle form of medicine which stimulates the patients own healing abilities by using one or more substances which if given in larger doses, can produce similar effects to the symptoms seen. The remedies are given in extremely dilute form so have no toxic side effects.

Like other forms of effective holistic therapy, treatment with homeopathy may go through a stage when symptoms appear to be getting worse. This is not always a negative situation; in fact many homeopaths see it as a sign of having the correct remedy if symptoms flare up temporarily as the body is pushed a little harder to heal. We also understand the Law of Cure which expects previously suppressed symptoms to be brought out to the surface, usually in reverse chronological order to when they were experienced before. It is important to keep in touch once treatment has started so that we can assess whether things are moving in a beneficial direction.

This method of treatment is used to treat a wide range of conditions including arthritis, skin disease, psychological problems, allergies and cancer.

See BAHVS website for more information and vets using homeopathy in other parts of the UK: www.bahvs.com