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The Centre is situated at my Home at Babbinswood Farm where I live and work with my family and staff in a friendly and caring environment set amongst the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Take a tour around Our website and contact us for further information. We would be delighted to meet you and your pet and help you to adopt an holistic approach to your pets future health and happiness

Holistic Treatment

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Holistic treatment aims to take a wider look at the health of the individual than just looking at symptoms. In so doing we hope to discover the root of the imbalance which has lead to disease.

An analogy made by a colleague likened illness to a tree. The symptoms are the leaves and may be multiple and widespread; to treat them all might need many medicines. If you prune a few off, they may just reappear or others may grow stronger. Rather than treating the symptoms we can look further back into the branches and thus using a deeper acting treatment we can heal a larger part of the tree. If we can get even deeper insight we may find a way to treat the trunk, thus affecting the all the foliage at once. Ideally we can look at what is going in through the roots of the tree and use preventative means to stop disease manifesting at all.

The causes of disease might be physical, emotional or even spiritual and how we and our pets respond to these is individual; complementary therapies are particularly geared to treating on an individual basis.

The perspective of each therapy is slightly different which gives us a range of different windows through which to view our patients; the glass that makes things clear and treatable for one, may be different to the one that helps get an insight on another.

To this end we offer a wide range of therapies including homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs, western herbalism, nutritional supplements, crystal healing and Reiki. We also invite Lynn Louis, a cranio-sacral osteopath to treat some of out patients and have contact with other healers and therapists, who may treat patients here. These are used as part of routine treatments for our regular patients where appropriate and when requested by clients. Having these therapies available allows us to help our patients to improve their state of health with as few drugs as possible which might suppress symptoms or risk toxic side effects.

However we do recognise that there are situations where conventional medicines and surgical procedures are needed in the best interests of the patient so we have those available as well. Certain more specialised surgical procedures are referred to colleagues more experienced in that field. We may decide that more than one approach is necessary and a combination of therapies will be used, tailored to the individual.

We are happy to discuss with our clients what would be beneficial for your pet either as a preventative or as treatment if there are already problems.

This service is available to clients of other veterinary practices as well, but only on a referral basis. It is in the best interests of the patient that we have a complete history from the referring vet and that they are kept informed of the treatment and progress. We find that most vets in our area are very willing to refer patients to us for complementary therapy.

Sometimes we can get right to the bottom of the problem, put it right and help the patient heal themselves - this is the ideal but it may take time. Other times this is not possible and then we do what we can to help them to the best quality of life that we can.