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The Centre is situated at my Home at Babbinswood Farm where I live and work with my family and staff in a friendly and caring environment set amongst the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

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Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

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Chinese medicine offers many different ways to view the health and disease of patients. Fundamental to these ways is the concept of balance and flow of energy and the Yin and the Yang. The life force energy or Qi flows through interconnecting channels in the body, known as meridians; if this flow is blocked, depleted or excessive then symptoms of disease will be shown. The symptoms may be pain, swelling, itchiness, weakness or a whole variety of other problems. Thousands of years ago the Chinese mapped out the meridians and a few hundred specific points on the body by which we can access the meridians to influence the flow either by insertion of fine needles (acupuncture) or by applying pressure (acupressure) or warmth (moxibustion). The meridians are associated with various organs which do not exactly correspond to the anatomical organs which western physicians, although they share the same names. The twelve meridians are known as Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Heart Protector (or Pericardium), Triple Heater, Gallbladder, Liver, Lung, Colon, Stomach and Spleen.  There are two other commonly used meridians that don’t correspond to organs are the Conception Vessel and Governor Vessel.

Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes the causes of the irregularities in the flow to events such as invasion of heat , cold, damp or wind which may lodge in the surface of the body or more seriously get in deeper. Depending on the cause and on the constitution of the patient, different patterns of disease will be seen and appropriate measures may be used to restore the flow of Qi. If the cause has been aggravating for a long time or if it was particularly severe, it may not be possible to get completely back to normal but still significant improvements are possible.

This approach has given excellent results in the relief of pain from arthritis or muscle spasm as well as having much deeper effects on internal disease patterns.

Another broad approach to the root of disease is the Five Element theory. This views life as a manifestation of the Five Elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and in health energy flows smoothly through these in a cycle. Like the flow of life through the seasons, summer flows into late summer then to autumn, then winter then spring and back to summer. Each of the elements is associated with two of the Organs or meridians (the Fire Element is associated with four). The elements are also associated with different seasons, emotions, colours, sounds and smells. It is believed that each individual has to a greater or lesser extent, a weakness in one of these elements that is their “causative factor” which may have been brought about by a trauma at some level very early in development. A problem in any one of the elements will have a knock on effect on all the others as the energy flows from one to another. By careful probing using a variety of tools, our aim would be to determine the causative factor for the individual and treat that to bring balance back into the system. It must be remembered that balance is not a static state and smooth flow through the elements is what we hope to achieve. We can treat the patient with acupuncture or other methods to this end.

The Chinese have also found that herbs, minerals and animal products can also influence the flow of energy in the system. At Oakwood we also use Chinese herbs and minerals to help and these are particularly useful in chronic disease; we are however careful not to use formulae that contain animal parts or unsustainable rare plants.

Laser Therapy

First introduced at Oakwood as a way of stimulating acupuncture points in those patients who have an aversion to needles. We also have found our Laser equipment invaluable as an aid to stimulate wound healing in difficult or extensive problems.